Wednesday 14 November 2012

Meet the Team - Kaz

Here is your chance to meet another member of our team, this month it is Kaz turn to introduce herself.

If you have a blog, whats the address?

How long have you been crafting?
I started making about 5 years ago,but have always crafted in some way since I was a child.

What do you watch/listen to when crafting?
I like to listen to Snow patrol, Lady Antebellum or maybe a bit of Ed Sheeran depends what mood I am in.

What do you snack on while crafting?
I am on a diet at the moment or should I say I am always on a diet.but if I am feeling naughty I might have some chocolate or jelly sours.

What is your Favorited colour  combination to use on your cards?
I like pastel shades I'm not in to bright colours.

Do you distress everything,not at all or somewhere in between?
I go through fazes when everything get distressed.
What is you favorite thing in your scrappy space.
My two rats Sage & Chestnut, probably not everyone's liking.

   What is your favorite tool in your srappy space?
My Grand Calibur

What type of adhesive do you use?
At the moment i love Collall glue,You get a bit of time to reposition your work before it dries

About how many projects do you create in a month?
A lot maybe 50/60 a month depending on craft fairs and commission.

When is the best time for you to create?
Afternoons I like the light I get in my craft room then.

Happy crafting


  1. really interesting kaz - love the rats! Hugs xx

  2. Hi Kaz...nice to meet you! The rats are cute...BUT, I'm glad they live at your house not mine. (I had enough trouble with hamsters & gerbils when my kids were little!)
    Hugs, Renee

  3. Awww wow Kaz I love rats :D I'm not allowed one but I did have when I first met hubs, he was white & called chili- the rat not the Hubs lol
    Love getting to know you Ger x