Friday 17 August 2012

Friday Show and Tell #6 with Angela

Embossing with your cutting dies

Taking a card blank, tape your chosen die in place with low tack tape on the reverse side. Place the card and die with the ridge side of the die facing your tan (or silicone) mat as below

(I used a Grand Calibur for my card but you can use any machine, just cut the card size to fit your machine and use the appropriate sandwich listed below.)

Place the base plate on the card using the fold line for your guide as you do not want to emboss beyond the crease in the card.

Run through your machine.

Once you have done this you have a card with one side embossed (if you use a similar die to mine)

I then ran the card back through my machine with another die taped to the front giving me the following result:

In order to emphasise the embossing you may wish to ink the front of the card like so:

Here is my finished card:

Of course all this can be done equally as well onto a piece of card which you would matt and layer it to the front of your card blank.

Big Shot:

Embossing Sandwich
1. Multipurpose Platform, Tab1 (flipped open to Tab 1)
2. Clear Acrylic mat*
3. Spellbinders™ die, blade side up
4. Paper or cardstock
5. Spellbinders™ Tan Emboss Pad
6. Clear Acrylic mat
7. Roll through Big Shot

Or Embossing Sandwich 2
1. Big Shot Impressions Starter Kit White and Black Mat (I believe that Big Kick has one of these as well, but I am not 100% certain)
2. Spellbinders™ die, blade side up
3. Paper or cardstock
4. Big Shot Impressions Starter Kit Black Impression Mat
6. Clear Acrylic mat
7. Roll through Big Shot

Cuttlebug :

Embossing Sandwich
1. A plate
2. 2 sheets cardstock to act as shim. Add extra pieces if needed.
3. B plate
4. Spellbinders™ die, blade side up
5. Paper or cardstock
6. Spellbinders™ Tan Emboss Mat
7. B plate
7. Roll through Cuttlebug™

Remember that each machine may be calibrated slightly different from the next. So experiment with your machine being certain not to force product through the rollers.


  1. Thanks for the great tip! Your card is gorgeous!

  2. Great tut & I love the card, the inked effect gives a really soft finish
    Jane x