Sunday 22 July 2012

Friday Show & Tell #3.....with Becky

Hello Crafty Bloggers.
 Becky here and I am going to show you how to make a toilet roll mini album, before I start I just want to say a huge sorry to my fellow teamies as they have been very patient with me as things have been a bit crazy for me and I am behind on getting this post up so a huge sorry and also a thank you to them.

This is the way I do my toilet roll mini's but there are other ways these can be done, I am just showing you my techniques here.

Step 1:

Gather your loo roll tubes and decide how many you are going to use and flatten them, I usually run mine through my big shot a couple of times and leave something heavy on them over night.

Step 2:
prepare to paint-
The tubes can be sanded to get rid of any ridges although I don't usually bother as when the paper is on them you can not see any rough areas anyway.

I have used Wilko's acrylic paint in white and to apply it I use a blending sponge (I find the paint glides on better using that instead of a paint brush)

Step 3:
Paint the edges of the tubes and also part of the way inside, There is no need to paint the whole of the tube if it is going to be covered with paper.

Step 4:
Cover -
Take your chosen paper and cut a piece very slightly smaller than the tube

I have used the Papermania Book Print paper pack and inked around the edges.

Then stick your paper to the tube

Repeat this on the other tubes and attach paper to both front and back.

Step 5-

Once you have followed these steps on all of the tubes it is time to embellish your album however you choose and bind it. To bind mine I use my Zutter bind-it-all.
You will also need to make the tags that will slot in the side,I simply do mine by cutting some card stock a little smaller than my tube.

and here is the finished result

This is my first tutorial so I hope I have done ok and the steps are easy to understand, If you have any questions you are welcome to contacts me and I will try to help you further.

More pictures of this mini can be found Here.

Happy crafting,
Becky xx


  1. well I followed the instructions ok. thanks for taking the time.

  2. a fabulous tutorial Becky, thanks so much


  3. wow what a fabulous idea. thanx for sharing

  4. Sometime life gets in the way huni & that comes 1st (((HUGS))) brilliant tutorial hun I will be trying this xxx

  5. LOverly mini album Becky, fab job

  6. Great trouble following them....have to try one of these!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fabulous mini album well done great work Hugs Elaine

  8. Great tutorial - will certainly be making one of these mini albums.