Wednesday 25 July 2012

Celebrity Guest Blogger Wednesday........

........This week we have the wonderful Kim Reygate joinging us as our Celebrity Guest Blogger
How long have you been crafting? - I have always loved sewing,
knitting, crochet, tapestry and patchwork but didn't get into
cardmaking until 1995. I met Maggie Wright at a craft show in London 
who introduced me to Rubber Stamping, and the rest, as they say, is 
history. My goodness it sure doesn't seem like 17 years ago!! 

How did you start crafting? - My Grandma and Auntie taught me all my
needlecrafting skills but I thought that to be Creative you had to be
able to draw like my Mum, something that I definitely can't do.
Stamping allows me that creativity. 

What is your favorite product line? - I love all things stamping and
heat embossing and there are just too many wonderful companies out
there whose products I get to play with on a regular basis to narrow it
down to one specific thing. 

What do you watch/listen to when you're creating? - I have to have the
TV on when I am working and I am addicted to American Dramas in
particular things like CSI, Bones, NCIS and Criminal Minds. In fact
there are just too many to list. My sky box is always full lol.

What do you snack on while crafting? - There is always a cup of coffee
on the go but I try not to snack too much, all this card making is
playing havoc with my waistline anyway. Well that and getting older :O) 

Any paper crafting pet peeves? - I do hate having to tidy up in 
between projects but apart from that I can't think of anything, 
although I am sure that there will be something I think of as soon as 
this goes live. 

Share your favorite tip/trick with the readers. - Never be afraid to 
play. At the end of the day it is just a little bit of ink, paper and 

What is your favorite color combination to use on your cards? - I love 
Black and white and pale blue or pink with brown, but I don't think 
that I have a real favourite that I use all of the time. Most of the 
time it depends on what stamps I am using or who the card is being made 
for. Thats why I like the challenges, they make me try out new things. 
Do you distress everything, not at all or somewhere in between? - i 
couldn't be without my Distress ink pads, but i think I'm somewhere in 
between when it comes to real distressing. 
What is your favorite tool in your scrappy space? - I couldn't live 
without my Guillotine or Score it Board. 

What is your favorite item in your scrappy space?

When creating a project, do you plan it out or go with the flow? - I 
could no more tell you what a project is going to look like when I 
first sit down to start it than I could fly to the moon. A project just 
evolves. Sometimes I will just start by going through my box of papers 
to find things that will go with the stamped piece that I have created.

What type of adhesive do you use? - I must get through a roll of double 
sided tape and a tube of Silicon every couple of weeks!! 
What is your favorite kind of cardstock? - Bazzil cardstock has to be 
my favourite although I use 300 gram white card as the base for most of 
my cards and then add coloured card and papers to the front making my 
coloured card go much further. Mind you if I lived to be 103 I don't 
suppose I could use all of the stuff that I own, it doesn't stop me 
buying it though. I need, I want, I have to have :O) 
Do you enjoy stepping out of your zone when creating new projects? - I 
do love a challenge. I guess i still stay in my comfort zone to a 
degree but it's good to try ideas and colour combos that I wouldn't 
usually choose. I still tend to stick to cards though, I'm not so good 
at coming up with ideas for other things, thats what places like 
Splitcoast Stampers and all of the challenge blogs out there are for. 
About how many projects do you create in a month? - I guess that I sit 
and craft most days after work. It is my way to wind down. I've never 
counted how many things I make in a month, a lot will depend on whether 
or not I have samples for the TV to make. I make samples for Barbara 
(Clarity Stamps), Jenny (Hobby Art) and Sue (Imagination Crafts) as 
well as teaching twice a month and then there are several friends who 
get me to make all of their special cards, so sometimes it feels like I 
don't do anything else but go to work and then come home and craft. 
It's a hard life but some one has to do it lol. 
When is the best time for you to create? - I work full time and so 
weekends are definitely a good time for me to catch up with things. I 
also try and do something most evenings.

Kim has made such a beautiful card for this weeks post i'm sure you'll all agree :D

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