Thursday 12 July 2012

Celebrity Guest Blogger Wednesday

Welcome to another new feature to the Crafty Bloggers Network Blog or Celebrity Guest Blogger Post!!
In between us showcasing our wonderful group members we are thrilled to also be able to bring you a little peek into the world of the wonderful celebrity crafters we all know & love out there in the craft business :D
First up we have the fantastic Kirsty Wiseman who as so kindly answered a selection of our questions to give us a peek into her fab crafty life <3

How long have you been crafting?
since I was 6 years old. Mum bought me a "things to make" kit and Ive been hooked ever since. Although, professionally, Ive been crafting since 2004

How did you start crafting?
Well, since that first kit in 1977 but I seem to come into my own because my parents didn't have much money when I was growing up. I had to make clothes for my Sindy doll using tissue paper and fabric scraps. I LOVED IT!

What is your favorite product line?
It has always been Basic Grey

What do you watch/listen to when you're creating?
I can't watch tv and craft unless its a sewing or knitting project. So I tend to listen to iTunes on shuffle. Im very much into The Script after Danny was reborn on The Voice

What do you snack on while crafting?
Mainly a cuppa and a bicky

Any paper crafting pet peeves?
Tidying up after inking - ugh

Share your favorite tip/trick with the readers.
My fat bow cheat - link is here:

What is your favorite color combination to use on your cards?
Oh gosh, I dont think I have one but I tend to reach for oranges and greens

Do you distress everything, not at all or somewhere in between?
As and when but often I like a clean finish

What is your favorite tool in your scrappy space?
My Tonic Studio Tim Holtz scissors

What is your favorite item in your scrappy space?
I have a tool spinny carousel thingy. LOVE IT.

When creating a project, do you plan it out or go with the flow?
I have a wee idea in my head as a seed but it usually grows into something beyond that. I let colour and texture run wild.

What type of adhesive do you use?
I love my ATG gun.

What is your favorite kind of cardstock?
Bazzill - it just has a beautiful quality about it

Do you enjoy stepping out of your zone when creating new projects?
I do! I have a lot of supplies and thinking of new ways to use them is an added bonus.

About how many projects do you create in a month?
Recently I have been pretty lame as I have been concentrating on other areas of my working life. But usually its between 10 and 15 a month....maybe more

When is the best time for you to create?
Always when the people in my house are asleep. No interruptions for starters but knowing they are all safe and cosy is a free reign to relax and unwind.

Thank You Kirsty :D

 If you'd like to check out more on Kirsty please visit her wonderful blog HERE


  1. I love reading questions with answers from other bloggers. Superb photo too! x

  2. Great insight into the world of Kirsty, thanks

  3. Great post Kirsty... Love the photo.. very classy! lol.

    Jo xx

  4. Very nice questions and answers also, its helpful for other rafters also. nice post Kristy

  5. Great post Kirsty hun ;D the tash suits U sir! thanx for giving us a sneak peek into your crafty world xxx