Saturday 18 February 2012

The Story Of Marleen Gallagher

My crafty story started 8 years ago in 2003, shortly after I had my eldest baby, Emma. Now Emma was a very good baby, but she was a terrible light sleeper. At the time, my husband, Kevin, was working nightshifts every other week, so needless to say he would sleep during the day. Now, back then, we lived in a very small bedsit in Dublin, so during the day when the 2 of them were snoring their heads off, I had to be quiet. Now I love reading, do puzzles, crosswords ect, but to do this for hours on end every day, well lets say I got pretty bored. When Emma was about 4 month old, my sister came over from my native Denmark for a visit, and she told me she had started to make cards after having gone to a beginners class. She had brought over a few bits to play with when Emma was having a nap, and lets put it this way, it didnt take long before a trip to the shops were needed. We started in the pound shops, but soon found a craftshop, and before the day was over, we had a huge shopping bag full of goodies.

I straight away fell in love with making cards, and over the next 2 years I would slowly build up my stash. Kevin helped me to find more crafts shops, and gladly took me the long drive back and forth.


Then in 2005 my little boy, Michael, was born, and crafting became much needed me time. We had moved to the VERY rural Donegal, Kevin's home, but Kevin was still working in Dublin, so I was alone with 2 kids during the week. Once the babies was in bed in the evening, I would pull out my craft stuff and happily work away for a few hours. But mind you, it didnt take long for them to join in..

This is Abbie at 9 month..

Now over the next few years, I crafted when I could, made a few crafty buddies here in our area, but nothing more then just saying "hello" at the few craft events we have. I just enjoyed crafting when I could.
In 2008 I added scrapbooking to my "me-time", after once again, my sister showing me what she had made. The pages just looked so beautiful and much more alive then just looking at a photo. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I got going, that was it.

I tried to persuade our local stationary/craftshop to start a crop, but we werent sure the interest would be there. In the end we agreed for me to hold a scrapbooking class in the shop one evening, and it was a huge success. Eveyone really enjoyed it, and I got the taste for teaching. One of my "students" offered me to do a one-off card class for her and some crafting buddies of hers, Also a great success.

Kevin and I, together 11years, Married 9 years.

Here I must add that in 2010 we had our last little baby girl, Abbie. She is a wee delight, such a happy baby, and spoilt, not only by Kevin and I, but also by Emma and Michael. Like the 2 bigger ones, Abbie loves colouring, and everytime I sit at my craft table, She will point at her colouring box and want to join me.

Since doing the classes, I  now dream of a career in the craft industry. I would love to become a demonstrator. But for now, while the kids are smaller, I have joined several cardmaking Design Teams. I currently work on 6 teams pr week, so I keep busy. Using facebook and the DoCrafts forum, I have meet so many wonderful crafting buddies all over the world. They all help me try new things, there are always someone to talk to, and to bounce ideas off.

I also decided to start a blog ( I found blogging hard to start of with, as I still doubt if anyone would really bother to read it, but I have found the joy of showing of my creations. Even days when I only get few comments, they really make my day. Just knowing that someone took the time to appriciate what I have made, is really special.

I have recently been invited to do a demonstration at our local  stationary/craftshop. Our usual demonstrator could not make it up, so the girls asked me to step in. I have gotten a load of goodies to play with so I am currently working on samples for that. We are also in the prosses of starting our own crop. I will tell you all more about that, once we get up and running.

I still scrapbook, its a real passion of mine, more personal, but I mostly make cards. With Kevin still working away from home, being alone with 3 kids, crafting is still my "me-time", but it has slowly turned into a way of life. I ttook me down a path I never expected, But I love every moment of it.

Hugs to all, Marleen xxx


  1. Wow such a lovely inspirational read Marleen, Thanks for sharing your story.
    Hugs Rachael xx

  2. Loved reading your story, thank you for sharing with us all. Your projects is precious, as are your children.....gorgeous.

  3. beautiful children and beautiful crafting - what a great story and thanks for sharing x

  4. Hi Marleen, what an amazing story! I love your work and your flair and admire your energy to care of 3 beautiful children and produce great work. x

  5. What a wonderful story, and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story with us xxx

  6. Loved reading your story Marleen and the little book is just gorgeous. Best wishes for a bright future in the craft world:)

  7. Wonderful story Marleen. Gorgeous book. xx Jan

  8. Thank you so much for all your nice comments girls, was a pleaseure to share :-)

  9. Wonderful work, story & gorgeous family. Thank you for sharing Marleen

  10. Thank you, Marleen I enjoyed your story. You are wise to try and involve the children as much as possible as it is all too soon and then they are grown!! My two "boys" are 35 and 25!! Your work is always lovely and as I said before you are a star combining it all. Kind regards, Vee. xx