Friday 28 October 2011

Countdown to Monday......................

Hello and welcome you lovely crafter's and blogger's....and if your neither....hop on board and join in the fun anyway! You never know, you may just have found that new hobby you've been looking for. I'm so excited to give you a reminder that we go live on Monday with our first challenge! I hope you will join us, it's a great start to what will be exciting times ahead.
All of us on the Design Team are looking forward to bringing you our creations, and sharing ideas with you all. So, please follow us and travel along on this new and exciting's gonna be a fab time ahead!

So..........set your clocks, not only for them going back and Halloween, but also for you to join us at 'The Crafty Bloggers Network'. Look forward to 'seeing you all' lol.

Have fun and happy crafting,
lots of love NJ XXXXX

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